Controll®Topseal belongs to the new generation of environmentally-friendly products and provides an effective moisture blocker on all types of vertical masonry, brick, plaster and concrete surfaces. It provides a strong dirt and water repelling surface that is easy to maintain and keep clean, prevents plant and algae growth and provides excellent resistance to efflorescence, air pollution and UV radiation.

Controll®Topseal does not contain solvents and is non-flammable.

It is applied using a low-pressure sprayer and one coat is normally sufficient. On very absorbent surfaces two coats is recommended.
The product provides a robust transparent water-repelling protection for all types of brick and concrete surfaces.The result is a crystalline structure that prevents absorption of water but allows vapour to pass through (diffusion).

The treatment can last up to 10 years and does not change surface colour, structure and leaves no film.

Controll®Topsealin is widely used in the professional field where it has been recognized for its ease of use, efficiency and positive environmental impact.

NB: This product cannot be painted over.


Bricks, paving, roof tiles, garage walls, pool edges, garden ornaments, plastering, facades, foundations, chimneys, sandstone etc.