All our products are formulated to solve problems experienced in the field. Likewise have they been thoroughly tested by authorised professionals according to international standards.

This includes that our products also exceed all international requirements relating to health and the environment.


All our concrete sealers are quality assured and documented in accordance with all international regulations and requirements.
In Europe, all construction products must comply with preset performance requirements and our products exceed these conditions.
Our production process is also certified and quality assured according to the NS-EN 1504-2 standard under system 2+ which describes permanent protection guarantee.


We are 25 years in the industry with many satisfied customers experiencing and overcoming many exciting and challenging problems. We have worked successfully with the best in the field including tunnel-boring in Morocco, biogas silos in Germany, nuclear power plants in Sweden and waste-water treatment plants in Norway.



Concrete is a solid, durable and hardwearing material which some believe is everlasting. However, due to its porosity, it is sensitive to water and moisture which transports salts and pollution into the structure. These substances also attack the concrete’s ability to bind, along with its core and spine – reinforcement. It’s important to be aware that all concrete must be sealed to protect and retain its strength and durability.

We specialise in the sealing, prevention and resolution of moisture problems in all types of concrete structures.


A good result requires the right procedures, backed up by quality workmanship. We begin by identifying the cause(s) of the moisture problems and then recommend the correct procedures, products and other measures to solve the problem. Whether the method is sealing, removal, cleanup, repair or reconstruction we know what is required after more than 25 years in the industry.

We treat the cause – not the symptoms.


We have associates in Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia. Over the years, we have built successful partnerships with operational and mobile teams with the relevant expertise and long experience in this field. Our products are used for sealing masonry and concrete in harsh environments such as heavy industry, biogas plants, agriculture, transport hubs, wastewater treatment facilities and power plants.

We have the know-how.


The causes and indications of moisture damage are many and fake remedies are available everywhere. Its quite common that some «professionals» measure moisture in concrete with the wrong equipment, and/or cannot distinguish between condensation and moisture penetration. They also sometimes sell a solution that can be both wrong and expensive…a classic example being a water-logged garden where the simple answer is a pipe leading the water away from the roof instead of digging up the entire area.

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